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Minnesota private land management strategies for achieving your property goals.

Minnesota land consulting services
We maximize the potential of our clients' land

Northland Habitat is a forestry & wildlife consulting business for private landowners throughout Minnesota. We conduct one-on-one walkthroughs to educate private landowners on their property's forestry, ecology, deer, and wildlife management.

Following the walkthrough, we develop Woodland Stewardship Plans that give landowners a goal-oriented 10-year plan for managing their property. Our mission is to help clients maximize their land's potential while qualifying for incentive programs when possible to help your property work for you!

Find a win-win solution for your private land with Northland Habitat.

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We collaborate with our clients to achieve their goals for their land

Northland Habitat consultants walk your land while getting to know your priorities. We deliver comprehensive stewardship plans for achieving your goals for tax incentives, wildlife, and timber, based on our years of expertise and in-depth understanding of Minnesota forestry and woodland incentive programs.

Northland Habitat Testimonials
We help our clients care for their land

Minnesota private land consulting
Northland Habitat helps landowners achieve their goals for their property while saving them money at the same time.