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Wildlife & Deer Management

Wildlife & Deer Management

Wildlife Management

The way you manage your forest will ultimately impact the wildlife that resides on your property. We love wildlife as much as you do, and we will work with your goals to get the most out of your property. We are huge deer nerds but also understand that you can manage for a whole boat load of other species while managing for white-tailed deer.

We are constantly learning new ways to improve land for specific wildlife so learn with us!

White-Tailed Deer & Wildlife Management Plans

We know white-tailed deer is the number one game animal in Minnesota and across North America; for that reason, we have developed deer-specific management plans for making your property the best place in the neighborhood.

Although the plans are geared towards deer, we like to take a holistic approach and consider other game and wildlife that might interest landowners. We will cater the plan to whatever specific game or non-game animal you want to flourish on your property.

Northland Habitat has QDMA (now National Deer Association) Deer Steward I and II certification and have worked with the NDA. With our expertise and taking a science based approach, we will create a custom plan to increase the overall deer herd and wildlife habitat on your land. The habitat on your property has a huge impact on the quality of deer on your property. The plan provides private landowners a one-on-one site visit and will tour landowners’ property to discuss opportunities for property enhancement projects that will allow their land to hold higher quantity and quality deer for their area.

The management plan will include:

  • Habitat improvements
  • Timber Management
  • Sanctuary Development
  • Native Vegetation Management
  • Food Plot Design
  • Prescribed Fire
  • Trail Design
  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Herd Monitoring
  • Stand Placement and Access
  • Herd Management
  • Hunter Management
  • Trail Camera Techniques

Through correct management, mature white-tailed deer can develop anywhere within their range. And when you are managing for deer, you can care for a whole lot of other great species simultaneously. Let us improve the overall health of your land for white-tailed deer and other game species with an ecosystem approach. If turkey, grouse, or other game species are of interest, we can tailor to that landowner as well. The plan will give you a timeline of tasks and get your property to the next level.

Woodland Stewardship Plans

As a private landowner, you want the best for your woods, wildlife, and water. To get the best out of your property, you just have a plan in place. A woodland stewardship plan will address your goals for the property, which can include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing habitat for deer and other wildlife
  • Supporting ecological diversity
  • Maintaining open land or food plots for high-quality forage
  • Increasing the forest cover
  • Maintaining ponds, wetlands, & lowlands for water quality
  • Increasing overall forest health

Get started with your stewardship plan by contacting us for a free consultation!

Timber Stand Improvements

Wildlife management and timber stand improvements go hand in hand. Young forest growth and regenerating forest stands are essential for the future health of forests and wildlife.

Wildlife needs diversity in their habitat, and timber harvests will do just that. Whether it is a recommendation from our stewardship plans, deer management plans, or you are just interested in a timber harvest, we will work with the landowner to accomplish the timber management goals. We will oversee the project to make sure it follows the landowner’s goals for the property to ensure a satisfied client.


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